The dance competition at the Easter Festival is always buzzing. with solo, duo and group dances, which is a great place to showcase your dance ability.

Please continue reading this page below for all necessary information regarding the dance competition, such as rules, dates & times, and more.

No Late Entries Accepted – No Refund of Entry Fees

*Due to overwhelming demand we have had to close entries to our dance competition earlier than expected.  Entries have now closed as at 3pm on 13th February 2021.  Our apologies if this has impacted you and we do hope to see you next time!

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The 2020 dance competition details will be as follows: 


*Please note that the Dancing will be run consecutively Tap followed by Modern and then Ballet.  



Adjudicator: Keelie Nye, Napier 

Location: Municipal Theatre, Tennyson Street, Napier 

Date & Time: To be advised in Programme 

Ballet & Modern

Adjudicator: Chantal Pinguet

Location: Municipal Theatre, Tennyson Street, Napier  

Date & Time: To be advised in Programme 


Backstage Passes

Competitor’s passes and Backstage passes will be available from the venue and must be picked up before commencement of classes.  This year there will be no names on the passes. 

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