The junior vocal competitions are the perfect opportunity for any child up to 16 years to compete in a fun and safe environment, while gaining confidence experience and helpful, constructive feedback from adjudicators. The junior vocal competitions have been around for many years, and create fond and special memories for those who have entered in them. 

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Location and Time

Trinity Church, Clive Square East, Napier

Date & time to be advised in Programme (generally Easter Friday Afternoon)


Gina Sanders, Auckland


Ginni Williamson 022-643-7558 or V_williamson@hotmail.co.uk.  Please contact Ginni to check availability. 

*Please note: Junior Vocal competitors are asked to please wear appropriate clothing while competing.  Jandals are not considered appropriate. Girls - No Strapless tops or shorts. – Thank you

*Feb 13th update* 

The test solo for ages 13-16 years "Che Fiero" should be sung in Italian to be considered for a high mark. The piece may be sung in English if the competitor felt very unsure.

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Established in 1908 by a group of prominent Hawke’s Bay citizens the Society aims to foster and promote all aspects of the Performing Arts.  Our annual competitions festival is held at Easter every year.


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